Athletic Women 35+ 

Eat well. Be Strong and Feel Good
through Perimenopause and Beyond 

Dive into how to eat, train, and recover through hormone change so you can feel energetic, motivated and perform to your best again!

Three Steps to Feel Strong, Energetic and Living Your Best Play-Full Life.

Understanding Hormone Change through Menopause 



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Join me and let's crush these myths. 

Myth #1:  Weight gain is inevitable in the hormone transition 

✔ It's NOT about calories. It is about knowing when and how to fuel and nourish the  activities you love.

Myth #2: Eating less and working out more will help you feel good again. 

✔ It's NOT about doing MORE! It is about knowing how to balance strength, power and aerobic exercise without feeling like you are not doing enough or overdoing it.

Myth #3:  Getting slower and weaker is just a part of aging. 

✔ It IS about supporting your body with actions that will help you manage the menopause transition so you can keep doing what you love today, tomorrow and into the last best decade of life.


I want you to feel that Get Up and Go again. I want you on the start line of your life, pushing boundaries, and achieving goals. 

If you are in perimenopause and beyond and struggling with body composition, energy, injury and the ability to show up consistently for a life you love, join me for this Masterclass online or in-person! We want you to know that you can LOVE your remarkable body. You are NOT hormone deficient. You can thrive. 
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