Athletic Redefined: A FREE 5-Day Series!  

We are redefining what athletic in midlife looks and feels like!!  If you want to unlock methods in mindset, nutrition, training and recovery and start feeling damn proud of your resilient body join us! We will keep it fun and uplifting!
It starts February 20th, with daily emails and live Zooms Sessions!

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5 Days to elevate your training, understand weight change, nourish and fuel your body so you can thrive in perimenopause and beyond

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This 5-Day Training Series is for you if:

  • You are trying to do everything right. You go to the gym, do cardio and eat cleanly but nothing shifts and you feel blah… 
  • You wonder where your body, your energy and your motivation went and if this is now just the way it is.
  • You lack time and are simply tired of doing it all!
Sound familiar? Then join us!

After 5 days you will:

Link weight change and low energy to what is happening with your hormones.

 Understand why eating enough is just the first step and what we really need to do pre-, during and after training to optimize our metabolic health.

 Get why we plateau in performance and body composition change and what we can do about it using high intensity, sprint, VO2max, strength AND endurance training

 Take on recovery in a whole new way by using it to move through the stress cycle. 

 Identify counter-acting priorities in your life that may be keeping you from the very goals you want to achieve!

Let’s Do This, Together!