Body Composition Change and Metabolic Optimization: From Awareness to Action Workshop

Create your action plan to achieve body composition change through nutrition, training specificity and a mindset that leaves you radiating joy and confidence.



  • Running again or cycling uphill with ease and confidence.
  • Knowing that what you are lifting today supports your bones and health for brilliant next decades of life.
  • No longer thinking about how much and when to eat and simply enjoy what you are eating!
  • Feeling good in your bones and at home in your body.
Sounds amazing, right? Then Join the Workshop!

What We'll Cover in just 3 Days...

Day 1 - Nutrition Program: Tracking Energy In

Day 2 - Training Evaluation: Getting the right metrics and targeting your training for specificity

Day 3 - Creating your Action Plan

You will be firmly grounded in:

  • Link weight change, hot flashes, low energy to your hormones.
  • Understand why eating enough is just the first step and what we really need to do pre-, during and after training to optimize our metabolic health.
  • Get why we plateau in performance and body composition change and what we can do about it using high intensity, sprint, VO2max, strength AND endurance training
  • Take on recovery in a whole new way by using it to move through the stress cycle. 
  • Identify counter-acting priorities in your life that may be keeping you from the very goals you want to achieve!

What You Receive:

  1. Step by step, no number approach to nutrition with specific guidance on how much, when and how to develop your own personal performance indicators. 
  2. Step by step fitness evaluation so you can create your very own personal training zones so when you target intensity, you hit it. 
  3. A system that will be easy to follow and evidence your personal progress toward your metabolic and body composition goals. 
  4. Small group session to work through and ensure your plan for action is based on tangible and measurable success indicators.